This project is started in 2009 in order to develop body control module for SAIPA company. The project is under development now. It can be used for their new car (Miniator) or for the old versions such as pride 132 and pride Nasim. There are 0ver 400,000 vehicles of these types per year. The BCM will be developed in two versions simple and full version.

_orig_small.jpg mahmoodsbirthday8802101_small.jpg mahmoodsbirthday8802103_small.jpg mahmoodsbirthday880210_small.jpg
miniator1_small.jpg miniator2_small.jpg miniator3_small.jpg miniator4_small.jpg
miniator8801311_small.jpg miniator8801319_small.jpg miniator88013111_small.jpg miniator88013112_small.jpg
miniator88013121_small.jpg miniator88013133_small.jpg miniator880131_small.jpg

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