This project is started in 2007 in order to develop central electronic control (CEC) unit for Peugeot Pars family including Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 405, and Peugeot ROA. The project is for Irankhodro Company (IKCO) that is the biggest vehicle manufacturer in the middle east with over 600,000 passenger vehicles for the year 2007. The developed unit can be used as a platform for all vehicles manufactured in this company.

cec1_small.jpg cec2_small.jpg cec3_small.jpg cec4_small.jpg
cec5_small.jpg cec6_small.jpg cec7_small.jpg cec8_small.jpg
cec9_small.jpg cec10_small.jpg cec11_small.jpg cec12_small.jpg
cec13_small.jpg cec14_small.jpg cec15_small.jpg cec16_small.jpg
cec17_small.jpg cec18_small.jpg cec19_small.jpg cec20_small.jpg
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