This project is started in 1997 in order to convert a normal Peugeot vehicle into electric. The project was conduct by help of the Irankhodro company R&D center and the university of Yazd. The vehicle is built in 15 months and it was the first Iran electric vehicle. All the main components were built by our team and it received the best green technology award in the first annual environment international fair. The vehicle received license permission from RTA authorities for 3 months in which it was tested on the road everyday.

electricvehicleproject1_small.jpg electricvehicleproject2_small.jpg electricvehicleproject3_small.jpg electricvehicleproject4_small.jpg
electricvehicleproject5_small.jpg electricvehicleproject6_small.jpg electricvehicleproject7_small.jpg electricvehicleproject8_small.jpg
electricvehicleproject9_small.jpg electricvehicleproject10_small.jpg electricvehicleproject11_small.jpg electricvehicleproject13_small.jpg

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