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Our research in EATL is:

   Renewbale Energy

   Energy Saving

   Photovoltaic Systems

   Solar Vehicle

   Automotive Electronics

   Advanced Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

   Power Electronic

   Energy Source Modeling

   Electric Railway




Dr. Behzad Asaei 
Assistant Professor, 
Email: basaei[at]ut.ac.ir 
University website 


PhD Students

Mohammadreza Nikzad
PhD Student
Email: nikzad[at]ut.ac.ir


Research Assistants

Ghias Farivar 
Research Assistant,  Feb 2011- Now
M.Sc. Sep 2008- Feb 2011
Thesis Title:
Model based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Solar Vehicle Application.
Email: gh_farivar[at]hotmail.com 
Navid Haghdadi 
Research Assistant, Feb 2011- Now 
M.Sc. Sep 2009- Feb 2012
Thesis Title:
Selection of Appropriate Penetration Factor and Location for Photovoltaic Power Plant from the Viewpoint of Distribution System. Abstract  
Email: n.haghdadi[at]ut.ac.ir 
CV, Personal Website 
Reza Teymourfar 
Research Assistant, Sep 2012- Now 
M.Sc. Sep 2009- Sep 2012
Thesis Title:
Analysis and Design of Bi-directional Power Converter and
Supercapacitor-based Energy Storage System for Metro Network. Abstarct 
Email: teymourfar[at]gmail.com
CV, Personal Website 

Graduate Students

Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2010- Now
Email: m.zarei65[at]yhoo.com
Project Title:
Active and reactive power injection into a distorted grid voltage by The combination of DFIG wind turbine and other distributed generation sources, Abstract
Amir Sayahan 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2011- Now
Email: amir.sayahan[at]ut.ac.ir
Project Title:
Design of Variable Speed Drive Control System for Brushless Doubly-fed Motors
Masoud Etezadi Nezhad 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2011- Now
Project Title:
Design of Bi-Directional Power Converters for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charger System
Email: m.etezadi[at]ut.ac.ir
Alireza Kouchaki 
Co-supervisor: Dr. Imaneini  
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2010- Now
Email: a.kouchaki[at]ut.ac.ir
Project Title:
Maximum Power Point Tracking under Unifrom and Non-uniform Condition Partially Shaded Condition, Abstract
Saeid Reza Mousavi
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2011- Now
Email: rezamousavi[at]ut.ac.ir
CV, Personal Website 
Hamid Ahangari 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2011- Now
Email: hamid.ahangari[at]ut.ac.ir
Project Title:
Design of the Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (BDFIG) in Wind Turbines
CV, Personal Website 
Sepideh Salehfard 
M.Sc. Student. Oct 2011-Now
Email: sepidehsalehfard[at]gmail.com
Project Title:
Li ion's Battery Management System for Electrical vehicles


Hamidreza Yaghmoori
M.Sc. Student, 2010-Now
Email: hyaghmoori[at]ut.ac.ir
Project Title:
Adaptive Cruise Control of Vehicle Using Sensor Data Fusion Approach

Masoud Pirhaghshenasvali
M.Sc. Student, July 2010-Now
Email: masoud_ph[at]yahoo.com
Project Title:
Design and analyze of power smoothing system for energy
production in hybrid wind – solar power plants

Undergraduate Students

Seyed Mohamad Shekarabi
B.Sc. Student
Email: m.shekarabi@ece.ut.ac.ir
CV, Personal Website 
Hamed Morsali 
B.Sc. Student
Email: morsali[at]gmail.com
Saeid Dehghan Manshadi 
B.Sc. Student
CV, Personal Website 

Nima Farzin 
PhD Student, Sharif University of Technology 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2010,- Sep 2012
Email: n.farzin[at]ut.ac.ir
M.Sc. Thesis Title: 
Short-term forecasting of wind plant power by using intelligent algorithms.
Mohammad Hossein Moayyed Jahromi
PhD student at Shiraz University of Technology 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2009,- Jan 2012
Email: h_moaied[at]yahoo.com
M.Sc. Thesis Title: 
The Feasibility of Replacing Conventional Vehicles in Iran with Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Considering the Electricity-Grid Limitations. Abstract
Hasan Alipour
PhD student at University of Tabriz 
M.Sc. Student, Sep 2009,- Sep 2011
Email: hasan.alipour2006[at]gmail.com
M.Sc. Thesis Title: 
Power Management Strategy designing for Plug_in Hybrid Electric Vehicles with the goal of energy consumption and emission reduction. Abstract

Mohsen Ferdowsi
PhD student at RWTH-Aachen University
M.Sc Student: Jan 2008, Oct 2009
Email: MFerdowsi@eonerc.rwth-aachen.de
M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Designing the energy management unit for a back-up photovoltaic system capable of grid-connected and stand-alone operation. Abstract

Alireza Fayazi
Research Assistant at Clemson University 
M.Sc Student: Sep 2005,- Sep 2008
Email: alireza.fayazi[at]gmail.com
M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Design of Power Management System for Mild Hybrid Vehicle. Abstract
  Personal Website 

Amir Hossein Eghbali 
Project Manager at ZTE company
M.Sc Student:  Sep 2008,- Sep 2010
Email: amir.eghbali@gmail.com
M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Control Strategy and Application of Ultracapacitors in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Abstract

Yousef Sadeghi
Senior Engineer at Iranian Space Research Institute 
M.Sc Student: Sep 2011, May 2012
Email: y_sadeghi[at]ut.ac.ir 
M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Design and Implementation of a 3KW Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverter Using Hysteresis Current Controlled Method. Abstract

Arash Zargham Nejad 
M.Sc Student: Sep 2007, Feb 2010
Email: arash.zarghamnejhad[at]gmail.com
M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Power Splitting Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Drive Cycle







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