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This project is started in 2007 in order to develop central electronic control (CEC) unit for Peugeot Pars family including Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 405, and Peugeot ROA. The project is for Irankhodro Company (IKCO) that is the biggest vehicle manufacturer in the middle east with over 600,000 passenger vehicles for the year 2007. The developed unit can be used as a platform for all vehicles manufactured in this company.

Central Electronic Control Unit (CEC) Project Features

  •       Anti-theft System

  •     Complete Diagnosis Functions for Easier Maintenance and Services

  •     Complete key learning system by Diag

  •     Windscreen Wiper Timer by Speed Feedback

  •     Master Lock / Unlock Switch

  •     Auto Lock Function Above 20 km/h

  •     Auto Unlock Function When Ignition Switch is turned off

  •     Roof Lamp Timer with more Functions Like P206

  •     Automatic Emergency Hazard Indicator during sudden Brakes

  •     Option of Over-speeding Buzzer

  •     Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Keys

  •     Less Parts for the After sales Services and Supply Chain Logistics

  •     Window Regulator will be supplied for 60 seconds after turning off the switch

  •     Option of the Auto Closing of the L/H Window when the Doors are Locked

  •     Car Finder by Turning the Roof Lamp on by the Unlock Receiver Command

  •     Auto Unlock Option after 15 Seconds, if the doors or Ignition Switch is not Turned on

  •     Flasher Lights Blinking by Receiving the Lock and Unlock Commands

  •     Using advanced smart power MOSFETs instead of some relays like flasher and indicators




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