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This project is started in 1997 in order to convert a normal Peugeot vehicle into electric. The project was conduct by help of the Irankhodro company R&D center and the university of Yazd. The vehicle is built in 15 months and it was the first Iran electric vehicle. All the main components were built by our team and it received the best green technology  award in the first annual environment international fair. The vehicle received license permission from RTA authorities for 3 months in which it was tested on the road everyday.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Project Features

  •       Maximum Speed: 100 Km/h

  •     Maximum Range: 120 Km at 60 Km/h

  •     Motor Type: Three Phase Induction Machine

  •     Starting Acceleration: 0-80 Km/h in 14 Seconds

  •     Maximum Motor Power: 45 kW

  •     Rated Motor Power: 15 kW

  •     Maximum Slope: 22%

  •     Curb Weight: 1885 Kg

  •     Rated Dc Voltage: 312 Volt

  •     Stored Energy in the Batteries: 21 kWh

  •     Batteries: Sealed Lead Acid (12 Volt and 70 Ah Packs)

  •     Charging Time: 8 to 10 Hours by the On-board Charger

  •     Energy Consumption: 15 kWh for Maximum Speed

  •     Production Cost: 12,000 US Dollars in Mass Production Phase

  •     Inverter: 16 kHz Three Phase PWM IGBT Inverter

  •     ECU: Intel Microcontroller With High Efficiency Controller

  •     Software Auxiliary Gear for High Torques at Low Speeds

  •     Forward and Reverse Regenerative Braking

  •     Cruise Control With Regenerative Braking

  •     Speed and Torque Control Options

  •     Differential Ratio: 3.88

  •     Without Gearbox




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