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This project is started in 2008 in order to develop dashboard test bench for Peugeot Pars family including Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 405, and Peugeot ROA. The project is for Mehrcampars Company (MCP) that is the biggest dashboard manufacturer in Iran with over 300,000 dashboards per year. The dashboard tester is in use in the MCP production line. It is equipped with a complete database. Therefore the MCP managers can get report from errors, number of tested dashboards, etc. The dashboard will test all relays under load and all other connections under no load.

MCP Project (Dashboard Test Bench) Features


  •       Test all relay functions under load

  •     Test buzzer, wiper timer control, rear screen heater, and flasher units

  •     Test dashboard glove box light and its switch

  •     Test all connections in the harness either directly or through fuse box

  •     Test dash board fuses

  •     Test dash board switches

  •     Test lock / unlock central control unit

  •     Test roof lamp timer

  •     Each bench can test several type of harnesses

  •     Touch screen computer

  •     Complete software to choose the dashboard type (Only by predefined operators)

  •     Complete dashboard database that can change the errors and get reports

  •     Label printer and laser scanner

  •     Barcode printing

  •     Test Diodes




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